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As you might know, ShopWired and Shopware are used to build, launch, and grow e-commerce websites. They are both popular and compatible for using, developing, and extending. 

What is ShopWired?

Even the most well-known e-commerce platforms cannot compare to the variety of functionality offered by ShopWired. 

From your ShopWired account, you can manage your whole online business. With this platform it’s possible to maintain your customer base, orders, promotions and product catalog in just a few clicks. 

ShopWired offers a large selection of free and premium themes that are easily customizable and optimized for success, removing the stress associated with finding the ideal theme. Utilizing a live preview website builder, brand and customize any theme. You can instantly see your changes as you add text, images, and color changes. If none of the available free themes fit your company’s requirements, contact our knowledgeable design team, who will collaborate with you to develop the theme of your liking. 

ShopWired themes are also build for successful Mobile commerce. All the themes are responsive, so they operate on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones without issues. 

For a complete control over the theme’s content, utilize the content management features. By adding images, videos and a customized text you are creating a website with pages precisely how you want to.  

Use your very own online blogging platform to connect with your customers. Your website’s content management system makes it simple to administer your blog in conjunction with it. 

In the ShopWired development section, you have full access to the HTML, CSS, and JS files, where you can add advanced customizations if you need to. 

The e-commerce platform from ShopWired includes security features. To secure your account and your customer’s information, all ShopWired e-commerce stores use 256-bit encryption. 

 Thanks to advanced delivery capabilities, you can adjust your shipping zones and charges to meet your exact requirements. To set even more specific shipping criteria, use the selection of free shipping apps. 

On ShopWired, the order management is simple. View all orders in one location, quickly update order status, ship orders, and immediately email customers when a status change occurs. 

Order fulfillment and email dispatch notifications are sent to customers.  

Use shipping services such as ShipStation and Royal Mail Click & Drop for simple label printing and payment. 

Enabling the creation of a customer account during checkout will encourage recurring purchases. Gather essential consumer information for marketing campaigns and the launch of new products. 

What is Shopware?

Meanwhile, the highly customizable, forward-thinking open commerce platform known as Shopware transforms bold business concepts into uplifting success tales. Establish your own standards, move quickly to innovate, and stand out with a skillfully executed brand strategy and a strong foundation to back your goals. You can only fully govern your company through open commerce. You are free to personalize Shopware as you like and realize your creative idea. 

Shopware is built on three main pillars — autonomous, boundless, and excellent — based on the distinct approach to open transparency.  

With them, they give you competitive edge you need to stand out in the incredibly cutthroat market of today. Shopware stands for: 


Shopware provides you with high tech, highly flexible ecommerce solutions trusted by the most well-known businesses in the world. Enhance the consumer experience, move quickly with innovation, and quicken your growth in the always changing world of online commerce. 

ShopWired and Shopware similarities

Used platforms by ShopWired and Shopware:  











Business Hours 

24/7 Live Support 





Live Online 

In Person 

eCommerce Features 

Catalog Management 

Channel Management 


Customer Accounts 

Data Security 

Email Marketing 

Inventory Management 


Loyalty Program 

Mobile Access 

Multi-Store Management 

Order Management 

Product Configurator 

Promotions Management 

Returns Management 

Reviews Management 

SEO Management 

Shopping Cart 


If you want to build your own web shop or have questions relating to e-commerce development platforms or apps, read our blog posts for Shopify and Shopware. Our dedicated outsourcing team can be your collaborator in e-commerce. 

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