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An e-commerce platform is a software solution that helps online retailers to manage their operations from start to finish. Common examples of this service are e-commerce website developers, customer support infrastructure and account and inventory management systems. 

Many firms consider the process of selecting a platform to be the core of their business. Nowadays, developing an e-commerce website is not difficult, but if you start with the wrong platform, your business might suffer from it. The introduction of e-commerce and the supply of an online shop has become critical for any business out there. 

This could be attributed to digitalization and the mindset to be “permanently online,” as well as the ever-growing presence on the internet. In fact, the World Wide Web influences several aspects of daily life, whether in the private or professional spheres. 

More businesses recognize the economic value of B2B and B2C online stores. As a result, setting up an online shop is no longer an option but a need. Now is the time to act wisely and develop a digital strategy that is measuredly linked with the target audiences and company objectives. Otherwise, your chances of competing and succeeding on the market will be slim. The correct online shop system is primarily the cornerstone for successful e-commerce.

 It has been shown that one of the three major companies, “Shopware,” “Magento,” or “Shopify,” are usually the best option for any type of B2B or B2C online store. Your choice of shop system should be mostly based on your personal responses to these questions. 

Simpler systems, for example, are frequently better for a smaller product range. However, if you’re planning to expand, you should usually go with more comprehensive software. 

Modular systems, in general, are less adaptable in terms of design, interfaces, and overall scalability. 

A vast number of different programs must often be connected via interfaces, especially in the B2B sector or for more complex e-commerce initiatives. Check to see if the program you’re contemplating can meet all your needs. It’s also important to know how much capacity is accessible for maintenance or a stand-alone shop. Even with major organizations, complete in-house processing is rarely achievable for huge projects. 

A high level of understanding is required for user-centred design, intuitive layout, the integration into an existing system and the process of architecture. Make sure you’ll be able to manage the web store internally subsequently. Shop construction kits have generally had an advantage in terms of end-user usability. However, recent specialized online store extensions for content management systems and comprehensive open-source software have achieved considerable progress. 

Below you’ll find a list of the best online shop development platforms: 

1. Shopify

2. Shopware

3. Magento 2

4. WooCommerce

5. WordPress

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