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Alongside HTML and CSS, the JavaScript programming language, often abbreviated as JS, is one of the foundational elements of the World Wide Web. Although it is most recognized for being the scripting language for Web pages, JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented language with first-class functions that are also utilized in other non-browser applications.

Because JavaScript runs on the client-side of the web, it can be used to design or program how the web pages behave on the occurrence of an event. JavaScript is an easy to learn and also powerful scripting language, widely used for controlling web page behavior.
Developers all around the world use JavaScript to make dynamic and interactive online apps and browsers, by allowing you to implement complex features on web pages.

When defining paragraphs, headings, and data tables, or when including images and videos on the page, HTML is the markup language we use to structure and give meaning to our web content.
When styling HTML text, such as by changing background colors and fonts or organizing it into numerous columns, we do that by using CSS, which is a language of style rules.
You can decide to use HTML and CSS for structure and organizing, when programming with JavaScript, but keep in mind that JS has its own frameworks that can do the same functions. JavaScript is a scripting language that lets you do just about everything.

Advantages of using JavaScript

Speed – Since JavaScript is frequently executed right away in the client’s browser, it is frequently quite quick. Calls to a backend server don’t slow down JavaScript as long as they don’t demand external resources. Additionally, JIT (just in time) compilation for JavaScript is supported by all the main browsers, thus compiling the code first is not necessary.

Simple – Java’s syntax served as a model for JavaScript’s, which is simpler and easier to learn than other widely used programming languages like C++.

Popular – JavaScript is widely used on the web and is now utilized more frequently on the backend thanks to Node.js. To learn JavaScript, there are various resources available. JavaScript is being used in a growing number of projects, as shown on StackOverflow and GitHub, and this trend is projected to continue.

Generous interfaces – JavaScript can be used to build sliders and drag-and-drop capabilities, both of which significantly improve a website’s user interface.

Compatibility – JavaScript may be added to any web page, unlike PHP or other scripting languages. Because JavaScript is supported by languages like Pearl and PHP, it may be utilized in a wide range of applications.

Increased Functionality  – By creating JavaScript snippets for external add-ons like Greasemonkey, developers can increase the functionality of web pages.

Flexibility – JavaScript can be used in a variety of ways on Node.js servers. It is possible to create a complete JavaScript app from front to back using only JavaScript if you bootstrap Node.js with Express, utilize a document database like MongoDB, and use JavaScript on the frontend for clients.

Disadvantages of using JavaScript

Client-side security  – Because JavaScript code is performed on the client-side, errors and flaws can occasionally be used maliciously. For this reason, some users decide to completely disable JavaScript.

Browser Support – While server-side scripts always generate the same results, JavaScript code may occasionally be interpreted differently by other browsers. Nowadays, the variations are negligible, so as long as you test your script in all popular browsers, you shouldn’t be concerned.|

Individual Inheritance – JavaScript does not support multiple inheritance; only one inheritance is supported. This property of object-oriented languages might be necessary for some programs.

Interesting facts about JavaScript

• JavaScript was created in under 10 days,
• JavaScript allows you to combine a string with a number. A string without any errors will be the outcome,
• A useful feature of JavaScript is called Immediately Invoked Function Expression, which allows a function to be performed immediately once it has been defined without being explicitly called,
• Two functions in JavaScript may differ depending on the placement of the parenthesis,
• Backwards compatibility for JavaScript is compatible. Therefore, JavaScript code created in 1990 will still function correctly today. Additionally, it implies that code currently in use will continue to function in JavaScript versions to come,
• Though relatively simple to learn, JavaScript is tremendously challenging to master.

JavaScript importance for E-commerce

E-commerce websites are made expressly to assist you in persuading users to buy a range of goods or services. This often indicates that each page contains a multitude of various elements that must load and can be used. For the creation of these kinds of features and functionalities, JavaScript is the standard language used in web development. As an E-commerce development company, JavaScript is highly used by our developers on developing various web shops, web apps, websites and apps. 

JavaScript is not only is it the norm among developers, but it is also something that practically all consumers are extremely accustomed to. Despite the fact that most people are unaware of JavaScript, the functions it performs are widely used and may be found on millions of websites. No matter what kind of website you run, this is crucial, but e-commerce sites require it even more. Every time a person accesses your page, you want to make sure they feel comfortable when, so they want to proceed on making a purchase.

What are the requirements of JavaScript developers?

A JavaScript developer is in charge of finalizing the design of Java-based software and apps. JavaScript programmers handle front-end apps for websites, conduct code analysis, and normally enhance the look and usability of the code.

Our developers in general are responsible for creating future-proof coding that is sustainable, ensuring that UI/UX designs are feasible and improving the front end’s primary performance.
Among the responsibilities mentioned above, they also have countless duties to perform on JavaScript projects mentioned below as bullet points:

• changing the designs and conditions for complex applications,
• examining software reliability, system risks, requirements, and code,
• working close with our back-end and front-end web developers.

All responsibilities mentioned above are effortless when you have developers like ours, who are well-acquainted and have extensive comprehension and familiarity of JavaScript, knowledge of JavaScript libraries such as ExtJS, Backbone JS, and Angular, and ultimately proficiency with the behavior and performance of browser rendering among others. 

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