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Within the eCommerce field, every owner has to choose between tools (Shopware vs WooCommerce, for instance) to support their brand. Being a technology company that specializes in digital business ourselves, we are very familiar with such contemplations, as well. 

With that in mind, we have compiled the most significant information on the Shopware platform and WooCommerce, to open a discussion and answer related questions.

About Shopware

Shopware is one of the leading ecommerce platforms in Germany that was established more than 18 years ago. Today, the company has its presence in the UK market as well. The number of its users is continually evolving and the platform’s expansion in Europe is underway.

The best Shopware characteristic must be its flexibility. This ecommerce solution can adapt to every program and extension. Furthermore, with constant updates based on real users’ feedback, the Shopware platform is highly suitable for entrepreneurs who want to focus on decent customer experience and marketing efficiency.If Shopware has too many features for your ecommerce shop, you can always choose the Shopify platform for medium shops.You can also decide to develop your website or web app with Apps.


· Data Security
· Email Marketing
· Fuzzy Search
· Inventory Management
· Kitting
· Multi-Channel Marketing
· Multi-Store
· Promotions Management
· Returns Management
· Reviews Management
· SEO Management
· Templates

About WordPress

Unlike Shopware, WooCommerce is not a platform or an independent system. It is a free plugin that runs the shop facilities on WordPress websites. Being one of the hit WordPress plugins, WooCommerce has been established to be a great way to promote online products and manage content.

Despite being available for free, WooCommerce is full of features that can be integrated into any self-hosted website using WordPress. This amazing software comes with 400+ extensions, thus making it highly versatile and adaptable.


· Data Security
· Email Marketing
· Inventory Management
· Mobile Access
· Promotions Management
· Returns Management
· Reviews Management
· SEO Management
· Templates


WooCommerce is a free shopping cart plugin. For those who want more than just the basics, WooCommerce offers priced license upgrades, extensions, and updates.
Contact Shopware to find out more about their basic and enterprise pricing options and other product details.

Community Edition – Free

· Hosted on your own server or your chosen hosting provider
· Fully integrated CMS capabilities
· Multi-language and currency options
· Over 1,700 extensions in the Shopware Store

Professional – €2,495 One-Time Fee

Service and support from Shopware

· Access to our large partner network for the smooth implementation of ambitious projects
· Full transparency and continuous development of the platform
· Sophisticated ecommerce automation
· Effective product configuration options
· International growth optimization
· Social commerce
· Omnichannel commerce
· Laser-focused content strategy
· Integrated marketing and SEO tools
· Distinctive, recognizable online presence

Enterprise – €39,995 One - Time Fee

· Your dedicated account manager
· Developer support by Shopware
· 24/7 technical emergency support from Shopware
· Personal onboarding and migration support
· Everything from the Professional Edition, as well as:
· High-performance search function
· Extended CMS features including Shopware Publisher
· Next-level online commerce with Guided Shopping
· Powerful features for B2B commerce
· Hosting in high-performance clusters
· Unlimited staging environments

Available Devices

WooCommerce is available on iPhone/iPad and Web-based compared to Shopware’s variety of devices that include Windows, Linux, Mac and Web-based.

Shopware vs WooCommerce?

As mentioned above, Shopware is a modular system, designed to support eCommerce. That explains why Shopware’s got all the right basic technological functions to handle everything an eCommerce brand will need for its services. Moreover, Shopware provides many already integrated standard solutions, as well as over 3.000 optional, freshly updated extensions just in case new needs arise.

In comparison, WooCommerce can be a little lacking. This is because WooCommerce was originally a system for content management. Its eCommerce must be assisted by extensions, and even then, this plugin would not have the same kind of power the Shopware platform does.If all the above information feels overwhelming and you can’t decide which one of the planforms to choose, solution25 outsourcing team can be the ecommerce agency that can assist you with ecommerce platforms.

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