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Products in Shopware can be ordered in stockpiles are ideally suited for sale as a bundle. Offering the possibility to mix different types in bundles is especially customer-friendly, and it also promotes sales. With the Bundles plugin, creating and displaying such types of flexible bundles is a child’s play for shop operators.

The product bundling approach is aimed at the promotion and distribution of the product line and can help attract both casual browsers and eager buyers in the retail market. On the other hand, a goal for retailers is to generate higher sales through the online store. Obviously, this approach may differ from the other. Shopware 6 Mobile App Builder is a flutter-based mobile application for your Shopware 6 e-commerce store

Encourage shoppers to put more in their shopping carts with mixed bundles.
Whenever customers like to buy online several months in advance, it is worthwhile for web shops to offer bundles at very attractive prices. The larger the bundle, however, the more likely the customer will want to vary the combination. The Bundle feature allows customers to choose from all available types they would like to put together into their bundle. To do so, they can flexibly choose the different types from the drop-down menu yet also order 3 times of 2 types, or 6 times of the same type. Several bundles of the same type and size each with a different choice of variables are also possible. Products that are not present in sufficient quantities in stock are not displayed in the drop-down menu for the customer to choose from.

Create bundles easily

Shop operators who use the plugin to create or manage bundles have access to their own back-end menu which allows them to assign products to the bundles. A list of the bundles created appears under “Product Sets” in the main menu item “Products” that you can always add to, edit, and delete.
When creating or editing bundles, you can also set up any number of product variations and their respective quantity, give this set a name and assign it to a set group to provide a better overview. These sets are displayed to customers as select boxes on the product’s detail page in the shop.
Customers see their choice of products in their shopping cart, as well as the order confirmation and order completion page. Upon successful completion of the order, the individual items of a bundle are deducted from the quantity in stock

Product bundles

Mixed product bundling transpires when an individual manufacturer combines popular products sold individually as packaged products with discounted pricing. Customers can therefore buy one item separately or buy multiple items in bundles. This type of strategy provides companies with a way to sell a larger quantity of products than if they were sold separately. The average order value is more elevated, and customers feel like they’re saving money through product bundles, so it is all about a win-win strategy.

You don’t select a bundle in a product, you select products in a bundle. Every product in a bundle gets a hint in the storefront that it is available as a bundle.With Bundles, you can provide your customers with the opportunity to order large quantities of products and combine the flexibly at the same time.Also in shopify platform you can find some easy steps for bundle products.

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