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Developing the best software for e-commerce is not so easy. It is required a careful assessment of the unique needs of the features and tools available. I will explain all the factors related to creating a website called Shopware 6.

What is Shopware 6?

Shopware 6 is a modern e-commerce platform that connects enterprise-level capabilities with flexibility. The Shopware 6 platform is fully customizable and scalable with additional features that help create a website. Shopware 6 is also appropriate for small and medium-sized companies on the Internet, allowing them to implement a shop in a short time, the features of what we have ready, and the available plugins. Shopware 6 is also an open-source technology that uses an MIT license that allows the community to modify and redistribute the platform without restrictions. Nowadays building a broad and active community around technology is essential.

What do we need to know in advance about PHP and Shopware?

OOP in PHP are classes, objects, inheritance, namespaces, composer autoloading, interfaces, abstract classes, traits, Dependency injection.
What do we need daily about frontend in Shopware?

– Twig
– Vue
– Scss
– Webpack API
– Shopware 6
– Store API
– Admin API
– Sync API

Shopware has decided to make a new platform in the API-first model so that every action on this platform is accessible through the API and available in every sales channel. Shopware 6 splits the architecture of the front end and back end, which is a new standard for building e-commerce and comes with a large list of business benefits. Shopware 6 platform has three top-level blocks.

-Shopware Core has all the resources and processes of commerce.
-Shopware Administration is an interface that manipulates resources from the administrator.
-Shopware Storefront is a default frontend application that gives the customer a view of the development.

Shopware 6

Shopware 6 focuses on the customer and the shopping experience and offers many other services such as Rule Builder, Shopping Experiences, Sales Channels.
Rule Builder is a new feature that supports the creation and flexibility of rules and offers promotional prices and is a great assistant for cross-selling customers. This tool allows customers to target and use complex built-in rules which are considerably understandable.
Shopping Experiences is a new CMS for combining commercial content and building content across all channels.
Shopping Experiences is a new CMS for combining commercial content and building content across all channels.
Sales Channels has built a new platform with a sales philosophy for all customers wherever they are. Shopware 6 enables you to check and control everything from a single source. Sales Channel can also be different by language or currency.

Shopware 6 and PWA

Shopping PWA is the only official development for the Web App in Shopware 6. It is a short but fast-built reliable and accessible model for mobile users that are website focused.
Shopping PWA makes full use of the best features offered by modern websites, with the benefits of local mobile applications like:

– Organic search
– Offline browsing
– User acquisition
– Performance
– Push notifications

Shopware 6 versus Shopware 5

It is worth noting that Shopware 6 is not the same as Shopware 5. Shopware 6 is a new platform built from scratch, with a philosophy of modern architecture. Shopware 6 follows the first API approach which enables you to build a unique trading platform in a separate architecture. All functions of Shopware 6 can be controlled by the API, allowing traders to use the platform as a hub for all retail operations. This is especially true when the platform has more than one sales channel, such as Amazon, social media, or POS. Access also paves the way for Shopware 6 integrations with voice assistants, coated devices, and mobile applications.

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