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If you start thinking about technology, applicability, and integration of Shopware 6 in the digital world, the time period is relatively late. In 2019, Shopware 6 was introduced as the successor to the Shopware 5 platform, but it was thoroughly different. From its inception to the present day, Shopware 6 has seen tremendous growth in both development and implementation. 

Unlike version 5, which was used almost exclusively in Germany, Shopware 6 has expanded its geographical reach, being used by software development companies around the world.
The products that derive from working with this technology are dedicated to customers of different sectors and with different activities. 

Every software offered to the client, which derives from using this technology, is professional, safe, convenient, scalable, easy to maintain and open to adding complexity to the function, etc.

Trade is one of the spheres of life that has benefited immensely from modern technology. It is now much easier to promote, advertise and sell the product than a few years ago. The work dynamics for any kind of business keep growing constantly. With the growth of these dynamic entrepreneurs, businessmen are looking for more applicable ways for the business to be as efficient as possible, to save as much time as possible and obviously to increase the number of customers.

The use of platforms, software and social networks has made it much easier not only to communicate between people, but also to transport goods, advertise and promote them, and execute payment or transaction procedures, among others.

Every business, whether small, medium, or even big, takes into account that in addition to the physical sale of products, to build an online shop where products are sold without any obstacles.

Shopware 6 presents the most suitable technology when building an online shop with all the necessary, professional and safe elements that a shop should contain. The server that is ready to be used by this technology is not limited to only being suitable only for large businesses. On the contrary, it is very suitable for small and medium businesses, so that with a limited number of products, they can be marketed with ease and professionalism. 

The very logic of this technology is structured so that products are in line, recorded, and displayed in the most fitting way. The platform does not limit the number of products you can show in your e-commerce shop. Furthermore, all well-designed and implemented shops that are created in the front-end, will take the complete form of a shop no matter how many products there are, even if they are only a few dozen products. 

Shop management is not difficult from the administrative point of view of Shopware 6. Therefore, even a small business that does not have separate departments of shooting, finance, marketing, could still be managed by a single employee, with the help of some basic information and training from software implementation companies or from Shopware

Therefore, the option of creating an online shop with Shopware 6 should be open to all businesses!

Purchases can be completed in other forms as well, for example if someone is registered or subscribed for using of certain products.

So, if your vision is to create an online shop, you should not restrict the products you are considering of selling. In essence, Shopware 6 offers a variety of possibilities.

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