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Angular is a Typescript-based Javascript framework, whereas Reactjs is a JSX-based Javascript library. Angular is typically used to create complicated enterprise-grade apps such as single-page apps and progressive web apps, whereas React is typically used to create UI components in apps with regularly variable data. The learning curve for Angular is steeper because to its large number of built-in features, whereas React has a smaller package size.
Both Angular and React have acquired popularity in the developer community and on discussion boards. Angular has 56,586 stars, while Reactjs has 142,606 stars, according to the most popular platform’s statistics.

Why is React faster than Angular?

React.js apps make use of a virtual DOM, which allows developers to make changes without having to rewrite the full HTML document. It ensures speedier performance by rendering updates faster.Even when you make comparisons to development giants such as Shopware with Shopify, the Shopify platform possesses a larger market share thanks to a massive range of functions and extensive customization

Reasons to choose Reactjs:

Reactjs is a free and open-source framework. It’s used to manage the application’s view layer, and developers choose it for creating reusable UI components. Changing the data without reloading the website is quick and scalable. Reactjs was originally utilized on Facebook and then later on Instagram’s news feed.

•	Unlike Angular, Reactjs developers must integrate additional entities to obtain access to specific Reactjs functions and fully interactive functionality.

•	It contains Redux-like state containers for speedier creation of scalable apps, such as dynamic elements and renderer management.

•	Converting JSX to Javascript for better browser compatibility

•	Code bundlers, such as web pack, are required.

•	Using a URL routing library, such as ReactRouter.

Reactjs Use Cases:



Reactjs is used by Netflix, a world-class media streaming provider, primarily for low-performance devices. Netflix, for example, uses the Reactjs toolkit to boost runtime performance, modularization, and startup speed.

The New York Times:

The New York Times has also created a whole new project to cover various celebrity appearances on the Oscar red carpet. The Reactjs framework was used to create the project, which allowed users to apply filters and select photographs of their choice. The ability to totally re-render has been highlighted as the most amazing feature of Reactjs.

Code Quality:

Reactjs includes a number of features that not only improve its code quality but also distinguish it from other web frameworks. When debugging messages, for example, you can separate the components by using the Display Name string. We also use prop-types to check whether the prop type is used for the objects during runtime.Maintaining code quality in Reactjs is simple thanks to the code review methods made possible by Linters. It aids in the development of consistent coding techniques across developers in a company. Linters adhere to a set of stringent principles that ensure the codebase’s consistency.

Server Rendering:

You’ll need to render your application to the server in order to make it SEO-friendly. With the aid of some specialized functions, Reactjs makes it simple. Instead of calling Render, you can use the RenderToString function. Reactjs, unlike other javascript frameworks, is not a hard library that prevents you from gaining benefits.

Facebook is the most well-known example of a Reactjs application.
Rendering at breakneck speed
Even with a bad internet connection, better functions are possible.
Let’s have a look at another “Dropbox” example.
The company is well-known for its online file-hosting platform.
Data synchronization on the cloud is smooth and quick, and remote connectivity is possible.

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