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What is Google Tag Manager?

Tag Manager gives us the ability to add and update our own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, etc. It is a free tool, proven to be remarkably efficient and useful.

As a fundamental step you need a ‘Google Tag Manager account, if you don’t already have one, no worries, it is super simple to create a new account.

There are 4 easy steps to create a Google Tag Manager account:

1. In your browser enter https://tagmanager.google.com/
2. In your upper right corner go to “Create Account”
3. Fill in every information required then click “Create”
4. The last step is to accept the Google Tag manager Terms of service agreement, and you are all done!

Once you have created your ‘GTM’ account, you go to the ‘admin’ section click ‘install google tag manager’, there you have two snippets. The first one you need to add in the ‘head’ section (HTML) in your Shopify store, the second one is in the ‘body’ section, on your Shopify store.

Next step, in your Shopify store you should proceed to “Sales Channels’ then click on ‘Themes’. At our current theme, we go to ‘Actions’ then select ‘Edit code’. 

Now at the ‘Layout’ part, we select ‘theme.liquid’ which is where we add the code, the head tag, and the body tag.
Now return to your “Tag Manager” account and click the preview button. This is the part where we can check if we did the right setup, we can do that using the ‘Tag Assistant’ tool, this way we will see a pop-up that tells us that ‘Tag Manager’ is connected to our Shopify store.The Shopware platform has similar steps to follow

The benefits of integrating Google Tag Manager in your Shopify store:

•Doesn’t require immense coding knowledge
•You can manage everything in one spot 
•Faster page loading speed 
•You have leverage upon flexibility and experimentation

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