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Before you begin, there are a few things you should be aware of:  

If your store is connected to another environment already, such as a staging environment, you must disconnect it in dotdigital and rejoin it to a production environment in Shopware. 

Embedding your Shopware 6 store

Your Shopware 6 store can be linked by: 

1. Selecting featured from the Integration hub. 

2. Looking for and choosing the Shopware tile. 

3. Typing in your shop’s name and URL.  

a. In your Shopware store, navigate to Shopware Admin > Settings > Basic information to identify the name of your shop. 

4. Clicking on Submit. 

5. Choosing Download bridge under Edit your Shopware configuration in step 5. 

6. Copying the bridge file to your Shopware root folder using your SFTP client, then unzip it. 

7. The root directory is located in /var/www/html/public/. 

8. To check and activate your Shopware 6 connection in dotdigital, choose Test connection. 

If the connection is successful, the sync will start soon. Repeat the connection steps if the connection is unsuccessful. 

Some product data, including attributes, media assets, products, sales channels, and category trees, can be exported using the connector. 

What is dotdigal?

Dotdigital is a Shopware addon that aids retailers in reaching customers with the appropriate message at the appropriate time through the appropriate channel while also boosting sales. The most well-liked CRM and eCommerce platforms worldwide can be smoothly integrated with dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud.  

Customers’ data can be connected, significant insights can be surfaced, and intelligent communications can be automated across email, SMS, social media, and more. Dotdigital has been providing services to businesses of all sizes and across all industries for more than 20 years. It has over 350 workers worldwide. 

Install the dotdigital extension for Shopware 6

1. Sign in to your Shopware 6 account to install dotdigital for Shopware 6 extension. 

2. Select Store > Extensions. 

3. Look up dotdigital for Shopware 6 using the search box at the top of the page. 

4. To download the extension, choose the dotdigital for Shopware 6 option. 

5. Enable the extension by going to Extensions > My extensions > Apps. 

6. Adjusting the parameters for your Shopware shop 

7. After the connector has been successfully installed, you can begin adjusting your general Shopware connector settings in dotdigital. 

You may get to your Shopware settings by:

 1. Select Settings > Shopware in dotdigital.

2. You may access options for data synchronization, contact synchronization, and program enrolment on the Store tab. If you like, you can even unplug your Shopware connection entirely.

3. After making any modifications, choose Save.

Network store

The name of your store is verified here. 

Store URL: This page confirms the URL for your store. If you wish to launch it in a different browser, choose it. 

Data synchronization: After data synchronization, if one of your Shopware customers has changed, such as by unsubscribing from your store, this is recorded in dotdigital. Five minutes after the last sync procedure completes, we try to synchronize. Each sync could take a few seconds to many hours to complete, depending on how much data you’re processing. If necessary, you can switch data syncing on or off. By choosing Sync immediately, you can also force an unscheduled sync. 

Now you have everything set up and can start building your platform with Shopware. 

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