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It’s 2022 and there’s an ever-changing and highly competitive market, all brands struggle to distinguish themselves from increasingly “apathetic” consumers during Holidays. As press and department stores no longer dictate sales, e-commerce has democratized all industry competition. In this retail environment, brands need to develop new strategies to grab consumers’ attention by speaking to their hearts honoring the New Year. And what’s better than the utilization of celebrations and the customer’s emotions?

Emotional branding establishes itself as a critical factor in developing brand loyalty and increased loyalty driven by emotional branding, in turn, this leads to higher sales. Studies show that emotionally connected consumers are 52% more valuable to a brand than those who are just satisfied during holidays or in general. Keeping in mind that we define emotional branding as a brand’s strategy that stimulates consumers’ affective state, appealing to their feelings to increase consumer loyalty toward the brand.

Marketers have to appeal to the masses. On the internet, the masses have been shattered into ever smaller shards, shifting that marketing calculus toward targeted audiences and social network interest groups. Today, niche brands, large corporations, and every business in between are reaching ever-narrower audiences by including joyous and Christmassy emotions in their online stores.

This makes the experience more memorable, and this drives adoption and sometimes creates new user habits, after all, that’s why the best products that we have in our world were designed for emotions. Also, the pyramid of user needs starts with functionality, next comes reliability, usability, and, finally, pleasurability. Pleasurable and happy products connect with users on an emotional level, and this feature makes them want to use it more. A major factor that explains the importance of emotional branding is related to the consumer experience. Consumers are no longer focusing on product specifics or service satisfaction, they seek experiences from a brand they like.

Whether it is a product or service, consumers do not just look for quality or low prices anymore, they want to gain emotional reward from enticing store atmosphere with Christmas tree elements and warm happy colors, superb customer service with more exciting connections, and entertaining winter experiences. Costumers want to feel heard and as close to festive energy as possible, especially when shopping for others. Making use of strong images and videos can also influence the appeal of a design and direct the user to adopt the feeling of solemnizing the New Year forwards. Classical conditioning plays an important role here — having triggers that remind people of enjoyable circumstances, a picture of food, a glass of wine, the family gathered around a table — and the website is already fostering positive attitudes and evoking affection and loyalty, which will make people more interested when it comes to e-commerce success during winter holidays.

Brands are emotions made physical so e-commerce should use them in its favor by including as much cheerfulness as possible. With such devotion, the success increases dramatically and the design will stick with users. If you want to know more about e-commerce development platforms or apps, read our blog posts for Shopify and Shopware. Our dedicated outsourcing team can be your collaborator in ecommerce.

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