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Drag and drop for Shopware 6 is easy to use because everything happens right in front of you, and you can always see what your work will look like after it’s saved. On the product detail pages, seamless content mixing can be placed anywhere. 

The layouts are made up of sections in which individual blocks with one or more items such as text or photos are incorporated. 

You can develop and manage content pages such as landing pages, shop pages, and category layouts with Shopping Experiences.

Shop Page

Your shop’s service pages are all shop pages. The general terms and conditions page, the shipping conditions, and the contact form are examples of these. 

Landing Page

In your shop, landing pages give you a lot of Design and marketing choices. These can be theme pages where you can do marketing or other sites where your clients can land during their visit to your store. 

Category page

A product listing appears on the category page by default. 

On a category page, you also have the option of dynamically displaying texts from the associated category. Use the Data mapping option in the top right corner of the text element editor to select the dynamically displayed text. 

Product page:

Each product has its own product page, which contains all relevant information and allows the product to be added to the shopping cart. Some blocks, such as the product description and the buy box, which includes the product image gallery, are pre-installed. However, you can create the page entirely by yourself. 

You can build a section for each layout and specify whether you want a sidebar or a full-page width. 

Various preconfigured blocks are accessible in the menu item blocks, which are categorized by categories and can be selected using the drop-down menu. 

The blocks are made up of one or more elements that can be filled with material independently. You can drag & drop them into the editor and set them in the desired location after adding them. 

There are different settings depending on the block you want to edit. 

• Text blocks are blocks that contain only text. These are available in different formats. A text editor is available to customize the text in the settings of a text element. 

• If you have chosen the category page as the layout type, the data mapping is available on the right side above the editor. 

• Picture blocks contain only pictures. These blocks are available in different formats as well.  

• Slider blocks contain the images and the settings for the sliders to show how it is displayed. 

• In the commerce blocks, you will find various product-specific blocks to offer and promote products in your shop. 

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