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Shopify collections: Arranging your products logically, in a way that makes it easy for your customers to navigate through your catalog and discover what they’re searching for, is one of the most crucial aspects of making a successful Shopify website. Setting up product groups takes only a few minutes, which can have a significant impact on your online store. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Shopify collections.

If you’re switching from another ecommerce platform to Shopify, you might find Shopify collections unusual at first. When I originally started working with Shopify, I believed the collections’ single-level “flat architecture” was a drawback. After a while, my perspective shifted and I realized that the Shopify collections system was a huge asset.

You can have as many collections as you want with Shopify, and each product can belong to several collections.

What are Shopify collections, and how do you use them?

Shopify collections are product groupings that you can create to make it easier for clients to browse all the products in a given category. A fashion retailer, for example, might create a selection of men’s shirts. A lamp collection could be set up in a home décor Shopify store. You can also create seasonal categories, such as summer basics, or collections of all-sale products. You can provide a list of all your collections to your consumers so they can quickly find the products they’re looking for and begin browsing.

You might have a parent collection like Clothing and a child collection like T-shirts, Jeans, and Trousers in a classic hierarchical collection structure. You can have items of clothing and t-shirt collections on Shopify, and your product can be in both categories, but the t-shirt collection is separate from the clothing collection. You may build your products in the way your customers wish to shop when they can belong to multiple collections.

You can start selecting your product catalog in a hundred various ways without having to restructure everything. Simply add your goods to the appropriate collections. You also can create a collection for all medium-sized or black-colored objects, or a specific season. 

Smart Collections, which employ rules to add products to collections, or apps that use the API to add products to categories based on particular qualities, make this much more powerful.

So, using Shopify, can I make sub-collections?

No is the quick response. “It depends on what you mean by sub-collections”.

Most merchants refer to sub-collections as a collection that are nested beneath another collection in the menu. This is simple to accomplish. Menus in Shopify can be organized in any way you wish.

Who should take advantage of Shopify's collections?

Shopify While any merchant may benefit from Shopify.
Shopify collections, when you have a vast product catalog, it’s especially vital to use them correctly. A beauty store, for example, might stock hundreds of items, including eyeshadows in a variety of colors, a hundred different hues of lipstick, and powder foundation in every skin tone imaginable.

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