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Many of us now split our work lives between the office and home, which means laptops are more important than ever, allowing you to work from almost anywhere. 

Playing around with code and programming software is necessary for many professions or hobbies. If you’ve tried it before, you’ll know that having a high-quality computer is essential for completing tasks to the highest standards. 

While a powerful laptop isn’t necessarily required for coding, investing in a laptop with cutting-edge components can be quite advantageous. The more powerful your laptop is, the faster it will compile and test code, which will significantly speed up your process. That means less time spent waiting and more time spent working on other projects. 

So, how do you choose a good laptop for programming? 

A common processor and enough RAM should be available. A 16:10 aspect ratio screen, which is becoming increasingly common in laptops, can also make a difference as it is taller than the standard widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, allowing you to see more of your code without having to scroll up and down. 

To save time when accessing files and projects, a fast SSD is required. 

Because you’ll be doing a lot typing on it, your laptop should also have a comfortable keyboard. 

If you work remotely and travel frequently, you may want to invest in something thinner and lighter as carrying your laptop around might result in physical difficulties. 

Finally, you must choose a laptop that is within your budget. That’s why deciding how much you can spend before you go shopping is a good idea.  

Keeping in track with your budget will make the search easier as it narrows down your choices. 

Is core i5 CPU good for programming?

Multi-use CPUs are necessary for a laptop’s good performance. One of the most mind-blowing elements to search for is high-end. There are numerous possibilities; however, a slower CPU will make you work harder. The size, number of cores, thermal design power, and frequency are all factors to consider while looking for the best CPU. 

Though there are other possibilities, core i5 and higher versions are better for use. 

How much RAM is required for programming?

The generally available size of RAM capacity is 4GB, but this could lead to difficultities while dealing with apps. 

As per the recommendations by experts, 8GB is the minimum RAM you can look for, for smooth performance. 

16GB would be the icing on the cake for programmers if they could afford it. 

With all of this in mind, we can say that 8GB is adequate, but 16GB is ideal. 

SSD or HDD? Which size of hard drive is more required?

It’s easier to pick the correct hard drive for your laptop. A good SSD can significantly boost your productivity. When you use an SSD, everything from booting up your device to compiling your code is significantly faster, resulting in waiting less and working more. 

The size and scope of your projects will determine how much storage you need. 256GB is a good starting point because it provides enough capacity for assets, operating systems, and personal information. Most SSD-equipped laptops are simple to update if you ever need more storage. If that’s not the case, there are plenty of excellent external HDD and SSD solutions. 

Here is a list of the Best Laptops for coding that our developers recommend: 

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