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This year we have successfully developed four web application projects and mobile applications with NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, and React Native technologies. Two of our projects arose challenges with new requirements from our clients, for which we were more than happy to meet their requirements and continue our partnership.

Shopware 6 is a new technology, which also brought us face to face with new ordeals, but with the right approach and dedicated work, we managed to carry the right performance and productivity to the company and our clients. We had difficult tasks for the page speed of shops, especially on the mobile speed part, but by integrating various methods, we managed to eliminate all the issues.

The Shopify team had a successful year with a lot of new projects on their plate, but like any other working crew, we uncovered solutions during the execution and development of our online shops.

Another landmark worth noting is one of the challenges we as a team had during this year, when our client required one of their projects to be finalized within 48 hours. It was the most hectic two days of our lives.
The first step was taken from our team of designers, which was later transferred to the development team, then the implementation of all that was needed took place.

We managed to launch the project within our deadline, by overcoming these difficult obstacles with the dedication and cooperation of our team.
The joining of four new members Blerona, Arlindi, Andi, and Eriona, and their high achievements at work can also be considered as the “highlight” of this year. Although new members, the experience, commitment, and positive energy they have brought made the challenges seem easy to overcome, and eventually the projects resulted in great success.

Our ultimate goal is so that our clients are happy with the projects we deliver. Below are some of the milestones we achieved during 2021.

We have over 50 ongoing projects, and our staff has grown from 15 team members to 45.

• We have a close partnership with the vice-president of DHL Genc Rama in Germany.

• Fatlum Berisha, the new CTO has given a great impact and support on our office.

• Over 22 mil people have visited our shops.

• Turnover at our clients Onlineshop to 40 mils.

• Over 800 000 orders have been placed on our customer’s online shops.

• We are certified partners with Magento, Facebook, Shopify, Shopware, Google, and Handlerund.

• Some of the projects we have worked on that are currently running:

Homeofcarpet, Nkf, NinavonC, Muenkel, Wetec, Memory, and Comodita soon. Also during this period, we have launched many projects, and some of them are in process of launching in 2022.

• BCS Gruppe
• Lankenauerhoeft
• My cup of tea
• BuddelCoctail
• Nomen Nominandum
• Harley and Cho
• Friesenherz

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